INFINI Pizza #

Introduction #

INFINI Pizza is a distributed hybrid search database system. Our mission is to deliver real-time smart search experiences tailored for enterprises by fully harnessing the potential of modern hardware and the AI capability. We are committed to meeting the demands of high concurrency and high throughput in challenging environments, all while providing seamless and efficient search capabilities.

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Features #

The Next-Gen Real-Time Search & AI-Native Innovation Engine Written in Rust.

Major features of Pizza:

  • True Real-Time, get search results instantly after insertion, no need to refresh anymore.
  • Support partial update in place, no longer pull and push back the entire document again.
  • High performance, lightning fast with high throughput and low latency, hardware reduced.
  • High scalability, supports very large-scale clusters, beyond petabytes.
  • Native integration with LLMs and ML, empowering AI-Native enterprise innovation.
  • Design with storage and computation separation, and also storage and index separation.
Getting Started Now

Community #

Fell free to join the Discord server to discuss anything around this project:

Who is using? #

If you are using Pizza and feel it pretty good, please let us know. All our user cases are located here. Thank you for your support.

Calendar April 28, 2024
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