Replace a document

Replace a document #

Replace an existing document by specifying its unique identifier and the new content.

Examples #

Replace a document news_001 of the collection my-collection with new content:

PUT /my-collection/_doc/news_001
    "message": "GET /search HTTP/1.1 200 1070000",
    "org": {
      "id": "infinilabs"

The API returns as following result:

{"_id":"0,0", "_key":"news_001", "result":"updated"}

After the document modification, If you perform the fetch request:

GET /my-collection/_doc/news_001

It returns an updated document like:

  "_id": "0,0",
  "_version": 2,
  "_namespace": "default",
  "_collection": "my-collection",
  "_key" : "news_001",
  "found": true,
  "_source" : {
    "message": "GET /search HTTP/1.1 200 1070000",
    "org": {
      "id": "infinilabs"

Note that the document _version was increased to 2.

Pizza works by marking the old document as deleted and insert a new document under the hood.

Request #

POST /<target>/_doc/<doc_id>

Path parameters #

  • <target>
    (Required, string) Name of the collection to target.
  • <doc_id>
    (Required, string) The unique identify of this document, support both _key or _id.

Request body #

  • <fields>
    (Required, string) Request body contains the JSON source for the document data.
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