Term query

Term query #

Returns documents that contain an exact term in a provided field.

You can use the term query to find documents based on a precise value such as a price, a product ID, or a username.

Examples #

GET /_search
  "query": {
    "term": {
      "org.id": {
        "value": "infini"

Top-level parameters for term #

  • <field>
    (Required, object) Field you wish to search.

Parameters for <field> #

  • value
    (Required, string) Term you wish to find in the provided <field>. To return a document, the term must exactly match the field value, including whitespace and capitalization.
  • case_insensitive
    (Optional, Boolean) Allows ASCII case insensitive matching of the value with the indexed field values when set to true. Default is false.
Calendar February 24, 2024
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